How to share a price list with partners

<Instructions for administrators – delete this section before giving to users>

Use this document as a starting point for your own end-user instructions to help users safely email an important Office document with people in another organization. This example is for sharing a price list with partners, but similar scenarios include sharing a list of products with a reseller or sharing a list of delivery timelines with potential customers.

The instructions are suitable for the following set of circumstances:

  • The employee has to send information to an external partner or customer in the form of a document.

  • The document contains information that is not public, but is not exclusively for internal use.

  • The external users do not have a requirement to further share this information with others, print it, or use it as part of their own documentation

  • The employee is interested in knowing when this document is opened by the external user.

Make any modifications that you want to the instructions in the next section, then delete this first section, and give this document to users. Customizations you might want to make in the instructions:

  • In step 3, we suggest Allow me to instantly revoke access to these documents so that there is no delay if your users revoke the price list later, but setting this option requires the recipient to always have an Internet connection to open the attachment.

  • In step 4, we suggest the option Email me when somebody tries to open this document. If users track their documents by using the document tracking portal, you might decide that email notification is not necessary and delete this step.


For more information about each of the options that users can select, see Dialog box options for the Rights Management sharing application

For the user instructions to work, the following must be in place:

Check Requirement If you need more information

You have prepared accounts and groups for Office 365 or Azure Active Directory

Preparing for Azure Rights Management


Azure Rights Management is activated

Activating Azure Rights Management


The Rights Management sharing application is deployed to users’ computers that run Windows

Automatic deployment for the Microsoft Rights Management sharing application


Users use Outlook from Office 2010.

If users have Office 2013, replace the screenshot with an equivalent version so that the picture matches what users see.

<User instructions start here, delete this title>

When you need to send a price list to somebody outside the organization, use these instructions.

  1. Create your email message by specifying the email address or addresses, type your message, and attach the price list to the email message. Then, on the Message tab, in the RMS group, click Share Protected and then click Share Protected again:

    Outlook add-in for the RMS sharing application

  2. In the share protected dialog box, Select Viewer – View Only:

    Viewer only option

  3. Select Allow me to instantly revoke access to these documents:

    Allow me to Instantly revoke checkbox

  4. Select Email me when somebody tries to open these documents:

    Email me button in shared protected dialog box

  5. Click Send Now:

    Send Now button

When somebody on the To, Cc, or Bcc line receives this email, they see a message that gives them instructions how to read the attached price list. They can read the price list on many devices, including iPads, iPhones, Android tablets and phones, Mac computers, and Windows computers.

Use the document tracking portal to track if and when they open the attached price list. Consider contacting them with a follow-up telephone call soon after you see they have opened the price list.


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