The public shared folder is not created

Applies To: Windows Small Business Server 2011 Standard

Problem   The Public shared folder is not created.

Features affected   The shared folder \\<servername>\Public is not created. This folder is a public shared folder for all authenticated users on the domain.

Resolution   To resolve this issue, you must manually create the Public shared folder.


You must be a domain administrator to complete this procedure.

To create the Public shared folder

  1. Open the Windows SBS Console.

  2. On the navigation bar, click Shared Folders and Web Sites, and then click Shared Folders.

  3. In the task pane, click Add a new shared folder. The Provision a Shared Folder Wizard appears.

  4. On the Shared Folder Location page, click Browse, navigate to C:/Users/, and then do the following:

    1. If the Public shared folder exists in the Users folder, click the Public folder, click OK, and then click Next.

    2. If the Public shared folder does not exist in the Users folder, create the Public folder, and then click Next.

  5. On the NTFS Permissions page, click Next.

  6. On the Share Protocols page, in the Share name text box, type Public, and then click Next.

  7. On the SMB Settings page, click Next.

  8. On the SMB Permissions page, select the Administrators have Full Control; all other users and groups have only Read access and Write access option.

  9. Follow the instructions to complete the wizard by accepting the default values.