SQL Server Compact Concepts

This section provides conceptual information for Microsoft SQL Server Compact 4.0.

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Getting Started with Books Online (SQL Server Compact)

Provides information to help you begin working with the SQL Server Compact documentation.

Overview of SQL Server Compact

Describes the SQL Server Compact components, architecture, and environment.

Installing SQL Server Compact

Provides the hardware and software requirements for SQL Server Compact and installing SQL Server Compact.

Working with Databases (SQL Server Compact)

Describes the SQL Server Compact Database Engine and how to help secure and to use, maintain, access, change, and query SQL Server Compact databases.

Enhancing Performance (SQL Server Compact)

Describes how to improve database performance, query performance, and application performance.

How-to Topics (SQL Server Compact)

Provides information about completing common SQL Server Compact tasks.

Troubleshooting (SQL Server Compact

Provides information for solving problems with SQL Server Compact.

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