Connection manager not properly installed

New: 17 July 2006


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SQL Server

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Integration Services

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Message Text

The connection manager '%1' is not properly installed on this computer.


This message indicates that SSIS Designer has encountered an error involving Registry permissions while enumerating the connection managers installed on the computer.

Possible Causes

This message might appear because of one of the following problems:

  • There is at least one Registry key in the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID section of the Registry for which the current account does not have Read permissions.

User Action

Do not reinstall SQL Server or other components

This error is not related to the installation of SQL Server or its components and cannot be resolved by uninstalling or reinstalling them. You must fix the root cause as described in the following section.

Fix the problem with permissions in the Registry

Integration Services relies on the COM API function EnumClassesOfCategories to enumerate connection managers that are installed on the computer. This function fails with an error if it encounters a class in the Registry whose keys the current account does not have permission to read. The solution is to locate the keys that are causing the problem and to grant at least Read permissions to the Users group on those keys. Microsoft Knowledge Base article 913817 provides C# code that you can compile and run to locate the keys that are causing the problem, and explains the steps that you can follow to fix the keys.

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