How to: Add Integration Services to an Existing Instance of SQL Server 2005

New: 12 December 2006

In this release of Microsoft SQL Server, feature maintenance is supported only through Add or Remove Programs in Control Panel in Microsoft Windows.

To add Integration Services to an existing instance of SQL Server 2005

  1. In Control Panel, double-click Add or Remove Programs.

  2. Under Currently installed programs, click the instance of SQL Server to be configured, and then click Change.

  3. On the Component Selection page, click the To install a new component, click here link.

    Before clicking the link, you can click the Report button to view the list of SQL Server 2005 components and features that are installed on your computer. The report includes version, edition, update level, and language information for each installed component and feature.

  4. In the Insert Installation Media dialog box, enter the location of setup.exe on the SQL Server 2005 installation media, or click Browse to locate the setup program.

  5. In the SQL Server 2005 Installation Wizard, on the Components to Install page, select Integration Services, and then click Next to continue.

    For a description of each page of the wizard, see How to: Install SQL Server 2005 (Setup).

  6. Complete the steps in the Installation Wizard.

    For more information about Integration Services setup options, see How to: Install Integration Services by Using Setup.

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