Raw File Source

The Raw File source reads raw data from a file. Because the representation of the data is native to the source, the data requires no translation and almost no parsing. This means that the Raw File source can read data more quickly than other sources such as the Flat File and the OLE DB sources. The Raw File source is used to retrieve raw data that was previously written by the Raw File destination.

You configure the Raw File by specifying the name of the name of the file that the Raw File source reads.


This source does not use a connection manager.

This source has one output. It does not support an error output.

Configuring the Raw File Source

You can set properties through SSIS Designer or programmatically.

The Advanced Editor dialog box reflects the properties that can be set programmatically. For more information about the properties that you can set in the Advanced Editor dialog box or programmatically, click one of the following topics:

For more information about how to set the properties, click one of the following topics:

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