Creating and Using Property Values (MDX)

Multidimensional Expressions (MDX) supports intrinsic and user-defined properties for dimensions, levels, members, and cells. The intrinsic properties provide unique names, captions, and even formatting and font sizes for individual cells. User-defined properties, on the other hand, can provide almost any kind of additional attribute to members.

Intrinsic and user-defined properties are available at the following levels:

  • Member properties
    Member properties cover the basic information about each member in each tuple. This basic information includes the member name, parent level, the number of children, and so on.

    For information about member properties and how to use them, see Using Member Properties (MDX).

  • Cell properties
    Cell properties contain information about the content and format of cells in a multidimensional data source, such as a cube.

    For more information about cell properties and how to use them, see Using Cell Properties (MDX).

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