SetSecureConnectionLevel Method (WMI MSReportServer_ConfigurationSetting Class)

Sets the secure connection level of the report server.


Public Sub SetSecureConnectionLevel(Level as Integer, 
    ByRef HRESULT as Int32)
public void SetSecureConnectionLevel(sint32 Level, 
    out sint32 HRESULT);


  • Level
    An integer value representing a secure connection level.
    [out] Value indicating whether the call succeeded or failed.

Return Value

Returns an HRESULT indicating success or failure of the method call. A value of 0 indicates that the method call was successful. A non-zero value indicates that an error has occurred.


When called, the report server SecureConnectionLevel property is set to the value specified.

Valid values are:

  • 0 – Least secure; the report server does not check for a secure connection.
  • 1 – Inbound passwords and inbound/outbound connections are rejected and not transmitted if the connection is not secure.
  • 2 –Rendered reports are not transmitted if the connection is not secure.
  • 3 – All SOAP API calls are rejected if the connection is not secure.

When the value is set, the SecureConnectionLevel element in the report server configuration file is changed, and the URLRoot element in the configuration file is set to use "https://" if the specified Level is 2 or 3, or "http://" if the specified Level is 0 or 1.



Platform: Windows Server 2003, Datacenter Edition; Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition; Windows Server 2003, Standard Edition; Windows Vista; Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 2 (SP2) or Service Pack 1 (SP1); or Windows 2000 (all versions)

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