InteractiveHeight Element (RDL)

Specifies the default width of a report that is rendered using a rendering extension that supports user interactivity (specifically, the HTML rendering extension).



Element Characteristics

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Data type and length


Default value

The default value is determined by the PageHeight element (default for PageHeight is 11 in)


0-1: Optional element that can occur once or not at all.

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The InteractiveHeight property is used to set the default page size for reports that are rendered in an HTML output format. Both of these rendering extensions require additional report processing when a user clicks a hyperlink, for example. For both rendering extensions, the report must be re-rendered to show the results of the user interaction.


Other rendering extensions that use desktop applications or client viewers to show a rendered report can support user interaction within the application or viewer, without having to reprocess the report on the report server.

The string for the InteractiveHeight element must contain a number (with a period character used as an optional decimal separator). The number must be followed by a designator for a CSS length unit such as cm, mm, in, pt, or pc. A space between the number and the designator is optional. For more information about size designators, see "CSS Length Units Reference" at

There is no maximum size for InteractiveHeight. A value of 0 is used to specify infinite height, regardless of the size designator it is paired with.

The requirements for the default page size vary based on the rendering extension that is used to output the report. A report might need more than one default page size depending on the rendering extension that is used (for example, you might specify one default value for page-oriented rendering extensions and a different default value for interactive rendering extensions). To accommodate page height for all of the rendering extensions, you should set InteractiveHeight and PageHeight.

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