How to: Define Parameters in MDX and DMX Query Designer for Analysis Services (Report Designer)

To define a parameter in MDX or DMX query designer for Analysis Services

  1. In Data view, in MDX or DMX query view, create a query that includes parameters. Parameter names must be in the form of @parameter.

  2. Click the Query Parameters (Icon for the Query Parameters dialog box) button.

  3. In Query Parameters, for Parameter, type the name of the parameter.


    This must match the name of the parameter specified in the query. Do not include the at (@) symbol. You must specify one parameter for each parameter in the query.

  4. For Value, type a default value for the parameter.


    This value is used in the results view of the designer. If the query parameter is associated with a report parameter, you can change the default value of the report parameter independently of this value.

  5. Use the up and down arrow buttons to move a parameter up or down in the list, and the delete (Delete) button to remove a parameter from the list.

  6. Click OK.

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