How to: Update a Resource (Report Manager)

You can update a resource by replacing it with a newer version. Resources are items stored on a report server that contain content from a file that you upload. You can replace an existing resource by importing new or different file content into the existing resource. Updating a resource provides a way to update content while preserving existing properties and security settings on the resource.

To update a resource

  1. In Report Manager, navigate to or search for the resource you want to update.

  2. Click the resource to open it in the View page.

  3. Click Properties to open the General properties page.

  4. Click Replace to open the Import Resource page.

  5. Click Browse.

  6. Select the file that you want to use to replace the current resource. You can use an updated version of the resource file, or specify a file with a different name or file type.

  7. Click OK to upload the resource file, close the Import Resource page, and save your changes to the report server.

If the resource you are updating contains an image that is used in a report, you need to refresh the report to see the updated image.

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