How to: Configure Report Execution Properties (Management Studio)

To configure report execution properties

  1. In Object Explorer, navigate to the report you want to configure. Right-click the report item, and then click Properties.

  2. Click Execution in the Select a page area on the left.

  3. The Execution page of the Report Properties dialog box is displayed, where you can configure properties as follows:

    • To run the report on demand, select Render this report with the most recent data, and then configure caching options. For more information about caching, see How to: Schedule the Expiration of a Cached Report (Management Studio).
    • To process this report as a snapshot at a time that you schedule, select Create a snapshot on the following schedule, and specify the schedule.
    • To use the default report execution timeout value that is globally defined for the report server, choose Use default setting in the Report Execution Timeout Defaults section to configure report execution timeout settings. This value is defined as a server property. Or, if you want to allow an unlimited amount of time for report processing, choose Do not time out report execution.
  4. When you have finished configuring execution properties for the report, click OK.

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