SQL Server Notification Services Samples

Notification Services includes six sample applications and files for a tutorial. The samples illustrate product features. If you are new to Notification Services, we recommend that you use the samples in the following order:

  • Flight, which is a basic, event-driven notification application.
  • Stock, which adds scheduled subscriptions and a non-hosted event provider.
  • Inventory Tracker, which illustrates how to use condition actions.
  • Newsletter, which adds a client application for managing subscriptions.
  • Profit Margin, which uses the Analysis Services event provider to gather events from a cube.
  • FlightNmo, which shows how to build a Notification Services instance and application by using the Notification Services Management Objects (NMO).

For installation instructions, see Running Setup to Install AdventureWorks Sample Databases and Samples. The default installation path is C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Samples\Notification Services.

In This Section

Topic Description

Requirements for Running the Notification Services Samples

Provides information about the software and configuration settings needed to run the samples.

Flight Sample

Instructions for running the Flight sample, which is a relatively simple application that provides event-driven subscriptions.

Stock Sample

Instructions for running the Stock sample, which provides event-driven and scheduled subscriptions and uses a console application to run the Notification Services engine.

Newsletter Sample

Instructions for running the Newsletter sample, which contains a Web-based subscription management application.

Profit Margin Sample

Instructions for running the Profit Margin sample, which uses an MDX query to generate event data from an Analysis Services cube.

FlightNmo Sample

Instructions for running the FlightNMO sample, which builds the Flight sample using Notification Services Management Objects (NMO).

Inventory Tracker Sample

Instructions for running the Inventory Tracking sample, which illustrates how to use ConditionActions for flexible subscription clauses.

Troubleshooting the Samples

Provides troubleshooting information for common problems encountered when you are building or running the samples.

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