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Microsoft SQL Server 2005 contains the functionality you need to issue full-text queries against plain character-based data in SQL Server tables. Full-text queries could include words and phrases or multiple forms of a word or phrase.

Full-Text Search Documentation

For more information about Full-Text Search, see these sections of SQL Server Books Online.

Section Description

Introduction to Full-Text Search

Introduces you to terminology associated with Full-Text Search and other fundamentals and also provides you with a business scenario.

Full-Text Search Architecture

Describes the architecture of Full-Text Search and also describes the new Microsoft Full-Text Engine for SQL (MSFTESQL) service.

Administering Full-Text Search

Explains deployment and administration concepts associated with Full-Text Search.

Querying SQL Server Using Full-Text Search

Describes the different types of queries that you can run using full-text search.

Troubleshooting Full-Text Search

Provides answers to frequently-asked questions and basic troubleshooting information.

International Considerations for Full-Text Search

Discusses issues to consider when choosing the language for columns referenced in full-text indexes.

Full-Text Search How-to Topics

Contains step-by-step instructions for performing various tasks with Full-Text Search.

Item Finder Sample

Showcases the full-text features introduced in SQL Server 2005 using the new AdventureWorks sample database.

Full-Text Search F1 Help

Provides topics about the Full-Text Search dialog boxes in SQL Server Management Studio.

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