Viewing the Changes in Cube Designer

After you change dimension attributes and hierarchies, you should review the dimensions in the cube to view the cumulative effect of the changes before you continue to develop the solution. For more information, see Browsing Cube Data

To view the changes in Cube Designer

  1. Switch to Cube Designer for the Analysis Services Tutorial cube, select the Browser tab, and then click Reconnect.

    In the left pane of the designer, the Metadata pane, expand Product to access the Product Line attribute hierarchy. Notice that the members of the Product Line attribute hierarchy now have user-friendly names.

  2. Clear any existing measures and attribute hierarchies from the Data pane, and then remove any dimension members from the Filter pane.

    To clear the entire data area at once, click in the data area and then click Clear Results on the toolbar.

  3. Add the Sales Amount measure to the data area.

  4. In the Metadata pane, expand Product.

    Notice that the attribute and user hierarchies are organized into display folders in the Product metadata list.

  5. Drag the Product Model Lines user hierarchy to the Drop Column Fields Here area of the Data pane, and then expand the Road member of the Product Line level of this user hierarchy.

    Notice that the user hierarchy provides a path to the product name level.

  6. In the Metadata pane, expand Customer, expand Location, and then drag the Customer Geography hierarchy from the Location display folder in the Customer dimension to the Drop Row Fields Here area of the Data pane.

  7. On the row axis, expand United States to view the sales details by region within the United States.

  8. Expand Oregon to view the sales details by city within the state of Oregon.

  9. In the Metadata pane, expand Order Date and then drag the Order Date.Calendar Time hierarchy to the Drop Filter Fields Here area of the Data pane.

  10. Click the arrow to the right of the Order Date.Calendar Time filter in the Data pane, clear the check box for the (All) level, expand 2002, expand H1 CY 2002, expand Q1 CY 2002, select the check box for February 2002, and then click OK.

    Internet sales by region and product line for the month of February, 2002 appear as shown in the following image.

    Internet sales by region and product line

  11. On the File menu, click Save All.

You have verified that the Analysis Services Tutorial cube is now more user-friendly and usable. In the next lesson, you will learn about how to modify additional advanced dimension attribute properties so that you can continue to improve the user-friendliness of the cube and its dimensions.


A completed project through Lesson 3 is available by downloading and installing the updated samples. For more information, see Obtaining Updated Samples in Installing Samples.

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