Modifying a Data Source View (Data Mining Tutorial)

You can use Data Source View Designer to change the way you see the data in a data source. For example, you can change the name of any object to a name that is more relevant to the project. The name of the object is not modified in the original data source, but you can refer to the object by this friendly name in your project. For more information, see Working with Data Source Views (Analysis Services).

To create market basket and sequence clustering scenarios, you have to create a new many-to-one relationship between the vAssocSeqOrders and vAssocSeqLineItems tables. With this relationship, you can make vAssocSeqLineItems a nested table of vAssocSeqOrders for creating models.

To create a new relationship between tables

  1. In the data source view pane of Data Source View Designer, select the OrderNumber column in the vAssocSeqLineItems table.

  2. Drag the column to the vAssocSeqOrders table, and put it on the OrderNumber column.

    A new many-to-one relationship now exists between the vAssocSeqOrders and vAssocSeqLineItems tables.

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