Modifying the Market Basket Model (Data Mining Tutorial)

Before you process the initial mining model that you created together with the Association mining structure in the previous task, you must change the default values of two of the parameters: Support and Probability. Support defines the percentage of cases in which a rule must exist before it is considered to be a valid rule. Probability defines how likely an association must be before it can be considered valid.

To adjust the parameters of the Association model

  1. Open the Mining Models tab of Data Mining Designer.

  2. Right-click the Association column in the grid in the designer and select Set Algorithm Parameters.

    The Algorithm Parameters dialog box opens.

  3. In the Value column of the Algorithm Parameters dialog box, set the following parameters:



  4. Click OK.

Processing the Mining Model

Now that you have defined the structure and parameters for the Association mining model, you can process the model.

For More Information

Processing Data Mining Objects

To process the mining model

  1. On the Mining Model menu of Business Intelligence Development Studio, select Process Mining Structure and All Models.

    The Process Mining Structure - Association dialog box opens.

  2. Click Run.

    The Process Progress dialog box opens to display information about model processing. Model processing may take some time, depending on your computer.

  3. After processing is complete, click Close in the Process Progress and Process Mining Structure - Association dialog boxes.

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