How to: Install Server Tools (SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition)

This topic describes how to install the Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition Server Tools on a computer that is running Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS).

This procedure assumes that you have Microsoft SQL Server 2005 installed on the computer that is running IIS. If you do not, you must download SQL Server Compact Edition Server Tools from Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition Home.

Installing Server Tools

  1. From the <drive>:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Tools\Binn\VSShell\Common7\IDE folder, double-click Sqlce30setupen.msi.

  2. Click Next.

  3. Accept the License Agreement, and then click Next.

  4. If the System Configuration Check passes all checks, click Next. Otherwise, click More next to the failed checks for information about correcting the problem.

  5. The installation wizard automatically detects the versions of SQL Server to which you can synchronize data. The default path is <drive>:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition. Modify the installation path by clicking Browse if required. Then, click Next.

  6. Click Install.

  7. Click Finish.