How to: Restart an Instance of Notification Services Automatically (Services Manager)

Using Microsoft Windows Services, you can change the restart behavior for an NS$instanceName Windows service.

To restart an instance of Notification Services automatically

  1. In Control Panel, open Administrative Tools, and then open Services.

  2. Double-click the NS$instanceName service, and then select the Recovery tab.

  3. In the First Failure box, select Restart the service.


    You can also select Restart the service in the Second Failure and Subsequent Failures boxes. However, if there is a reason the service does not start, such as the database server being down, the service continues to attempt to restart and continues to write error messages to the event log.

  4. In the Restart service after box, enter a time in minutes to wait before attempting to restart, such as 2.

The service now attempts to restart after a failure.

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