SQL Server Compact Edition Query Analyzer

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition (SQL Server Compact Edition) Query Analyzer is a graphical tool included in SQL Server Compact Edition that you can use to perform the following tasks:

  • Create databases.
  • Manage and connect to other databases on a device.
  • Verify remote data access (RDA) and replication applications.
  • Create and modify tables and indexes in a database.
  • Query objects by using the SELECT statement.
  • Insert and delete rows in a table.
  • Modify existing data in a table.
  • Compact and repair a database.


To navigate the graphical interface and execute commands in SQL Server Compact Edition Query Analyzer on a device, you must use a stylus. However, when the device is connected to a desktop computer, the desktop keyboard and mouse can be used in conjunction with Microsoft Remote Display Control for Windows CE. Also, SQL Server Compact Edition Query Analyzer is not available with Smart Phone 2005.

In This Section

Topic Description

Navigating the Query Window

Describes the elements of the SQL Server Compact Edition query window.

Managing Databases and Database Connections on the Objects Tab

Describes how to perform database connection and management tasks.

Managing Database Objects on the Objects Tab

Describes how to work with database objects.

Executing SQL Statements on the SQL Tab

Describes how to execute SQL statements.

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