sp_show_statistics_steps (SQL Server Compact Edition)

The stored procedure sp_show_statistics_steps returns a histogram representing the current distribution statistics for the specified index in the specified table.


sp_show_statistics_steps 'table_name' , 'index_name'


  • table_name
    The name of the table that contains the index.
  • index_name
    The name of the index on which you want statistics.

Result Set

The following table describes the columns returned in the result set.

Column Name Description


The upper bound value of the histogram step.


The number of rows from the sample that fall within each histogram step, excluding the upper bound.


The number of rows from the sample that are equal in value to the upper bound of the histogram step.


The number of distinct values within a histogram step, excluding the upper bound.


The results returned indicate the selectivity of an index. A lower density indicates greater selectivity. The results provide the basis for determining whether an index is useful to the query optimizer.


The following example displays statistics information for the AK_Product_Nameindex of the Addresstable.

sp_show_statistics_steps 'Address', 'AK_Product_Name'

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