Database Mail Configuration Wizard

Database Mail Configuration Wizard provides a convenient way to manage Database Mail configuration objects. The Database Mail Configuration Wizard enables Database Mail if needed.

Database Mail Configuration Wizard performs these tasks:

  • Set up Database Mail.
  • Manage Database Mail accounts and profiles.
  • Manage profile security.
  • View or change system parameters.

The Set up Database Mail option guides you through all of the tasks required to set up Database Mail for the first time. The other options help you accomplish specific set up and maintenance tasks.

Start Database Mail Configuration Wizard from Object Explorer. Connect to a Microsoft SQL Server 2005 instance. Expand Management, right-click Database Mail, and choose Configure Database Mail.

To use this wizard you must be a member of the sysadmin fixed server role. To send Database Mail you must be a member of the DatabaseMailUserRole database role in the msdb database.


Enabling SQL Server Service Broker in any database requires a database lock. If Service Broker was deactivated in msdb, to enable Database Mail, first stop SQL Server Agent so Service Broker can obtain the necessary lock.

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