Surface Area Configuration for Services and Connections (Service) - Notification Services

You can install a Notification Services Windows service when you deploy an instance of Notification Services. The Microsoft Windows services are not installed when you install Notification Services. If you have installed one or more Notification Services Windows services on the server, use this dialog to change service settings.


  • Service name
    The name of the service.
  • Display name
    The name that appears in the Name column in the Windows Services panel.
  • Description
    The service description, which also appears in the Description column of the Windows services panel.
  • Startup type
    Use to configure how the service starts.

    Automatic specifies that the service starts when the system starts.

    Manual specifies that a user or dependent service can start the service, and that the service does not start when the system starts.

    Disabled prevents the service from being started by the system, a user, or any dependent service.

  • Service status
    Shows the status of the service.
  • Start button
    Starts the service.
  • Stop button
    Stops the service.
  • Pause button
    Pauses the service.
  • Resume button
    Resumes the paused service.

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