General Properties Page (Resources, Report Manager)

Use the General properties page for resources to rename, delete, move, or replace a resource. Information about who added the resource or modified the properties appears at the top of the page.

To open this page, select a resource and then click the Properties tab at the top of the page.


  • Name
    Specify a name for the resource. A name must contain at least one alphanumeric character. It can also include spaces and some symbols. Do not use the characters ; ? : @ & = + , $ / * < > | " or / when specifying a name.
  • Description
    Type a description of the resource. This description appears in the Contents page to users who have permission to access the resource.
  • Hide in list view
    Select this option to hide the resource from users who are using list view mode in Report Manager. List view mode is the default view format when browsing the report server folder hierarchy. In list view, item names and descriptions flow across the page. The alternate format is details view. Details view omits descriptions, but includes other information about the item. Although you can hide an item in list view, you cannot hide an item in details view. If you want to restrict access to an item, you must create a role assignment.
  • Type
    Specifies the MIME type of the resource. This property is read-only.
  • Apply
    Click Apply to save your changes.
  • Replace
    Click Replace to open the Import Resource page, which is used to select a resource file from a file share.
  • Delete
    Click Delete to remove the resource from the report server database.
  • Move
    Click Move to relocate a resource within the report server folder hierarchy. Clicking this button opens the Move Items page, on which you can browse through folders for a new folder location.

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