Report Manager Virtual Directory (Reporting Services Configuration)

Use the Report Manager Virtual Directory page to create a virtual directory used to access Report Manager or re-apply the default settings to the Report Manager virtual directory. The virtual directory name is part of the URL used to access Report Manager.

If you are creating a virtual directory for a new Reporting Services installation, click New to specify a name. When you specify the virtual directory, the Reporting Services Configuration tool creates and configures the virtual directory through Internet Information Services (IIS). It also updates the configuration files with the Report Manager virtual directory name.

If you are in the process of configuring the report server to run in SharePoint integrated mode, do not create the virtual directory. Report Manager is not supported on a report server that runs in SharePoint integrated mode.


Reporting Services requires a dedicated virtual directory for Report Manager. You cannot use an existing directory. In a new deployment, you must create a new virtual directory for Report Manager access.

You cannot select a virtual directory that you previously created. If you want to reuse a virtual directory name, you must use IIS Manager to delete the virtual directory. You can then use this page to create a new virtual directory with a previously used name.


  • Name
    Specifies the virtual directory name.
  • Web Site
    Specifies the name of the Web site used to access Report Manager.
  • New
    Opens the Create a Virtual Directory dialog box so that you can select an existing Web site to host the report server and type a virtual directory name. You must specify a unique name for the virtual directory. You must choose an existing Web site to host it.
  • Apply Default Settings
    Click Apply Default Settings to replace the existing virtual directory configuration with the default configuration. No custom settings are preserved.

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