sp_changereplicationserverpasswords (Transact-SQL)

Changes stored passwords for the Microsoft Windows account or Microsoft SQL Server login used by replication agents when connecting to servers in a replication topology. You would normally have to change a password for each individual agent running at a server, even if they all use the same login or account. This stored procedure enables you to change the password for all instances of a given SQL Server Login or Windows account used by all replication agents that run at a server. This stored procedure is executed at any server in the replication topology on the master database.

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sp_changereplicationserverpasswords [ @login_type = ] login_type
        , [ @login = ] 'login' 
        , [ @password = ] 'password'
    [ , [ @server = ] 'server' ]


  • [ @login_type = ] login_type
    Is the type of authentication for the supplied credentials. login_type is tinyint, with no default.

    1 = Windows Integrated Authentication

    0 = SQL Server Authentication

  • [ @login = ] 'login'
    Is the name of the Windows account or SQL Server login being changed. login is nvarchar(257), with no default
  • [ @password = ] 'password'
    Is the new password to be stored for the specified login. password is sysname, with no default.


    After changing a replication password, you must stop and restart each agent that uses the password before the change takes effect for that agent.

  • [ @server = ] 'server'
    Is the server connection for which the stored password is being changed. server is sysname, and can be one of these values:

    Value Description


    All agent connections to the Distributor.


    All agent connections to the Publisher.


    All agent connections to the Subscriber.

    % (default)

    All agent connections to all servers in a replication topology.

Return Code Values

0 (success) or 1 (failure)


sp_changereplicationserverpasswords is used with all types of replication.


Only members of the sysadmin fixed server role can execute sp_changereplicationserverpasswords.

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