Database Object (Permissions or Securables Page)

Use the Permissions page or the Securables page to view or set the permissions for database securables. Click Add to add items to the upper grid. Select an item in the upper grid, and then set the appropriate permissions in the Explicit permissions grid.

This page only shows permissions that are explicitly granted or denied. Additional permissions on these or other securables may be implicitly held through membership in a group or role. Permissions acquired through membership in a group or role are not listed in the grids. The sum of all of the explicit and implicit permissions constitutes its effective permissions.


This dialog box can be opened from many locations. The contents of the Permissions page change slightly depending on the item whose permissions are being displayed. In some cases, it is called the Securables page.

The header of the Permissions page varies depending on the securable or principal. It displays information relevant to the item, such as its name.

Objects Grid

The upper grid contains one or more items for which permissions can be set. This dialog box has Add and Remove buttons when opened for a database object or login. The columns displayed in the upper grid vary depending on the type of object or securable.

  • Effective Permissions
    Open the Effective Permissions dialog box to show the result of combining explicit permission plus permissions applied from the group or role membership.
  • Add
    Opens a dialog box for selecting objects or principals to add to the upper grid.
  • Remove
    Removes the selected item from the upper grid.

Explicit Permissions Grid

The Explicitpermissions grid lists the possible permissions for the securable selected in the upper grid. Select or clear the Grant (or Allow), With Grant, and Deny check boxes to configure the permissions. All options are not available for all explicit permissions.

  • Permissions
    The name of the permission.
  • Grant
    Check to grant this permission to the login. Uncheck to revoke this permission.
  • With Grant
    Reflects the state of the WITH GRANT option for the listed permission. This box is read-only. To apply this permission use the GRANT (Transact-SQL) statement.
  • Deny
    Check to deny this permission to the login. Uncheck to revoke this permission.
  • For column permissions, click Advanced
    For objects containing columns (such as tables, views, or table-valued functions) the Advanced button opens the Column Permissions dialog box, where you can set Grant, Allow, or Deny permissions on individual columns of a table or view. This option is not available for all object types or permissions.

Owned Schemas

When opened for a user, this dialog box contains an Owned Schemas grid, indicating which schemas are owned for this user.

Database role membership

When opened for a user, this dialog box contains a Role Members grid, indicating whether the user is a member of any roles.

Change History

Release History

5 December 2005

New content:
  • Added the Effective Permissions button.
Changed content:
  • Added more description to Grant, With Grant, and Deny.