sp_invalidate_textptr (Transact-SQL)

Invalidates the specified in-row text pointer, or all in-row text pointers, in the transaction. sp_invalidate_textptr can be used only on in-row text pointers. These pointers are from tables that have the text in row option enabled.

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sp_invalidate_textptr [ [ @TextPtrValue = ] textptr_value ]


  • [ **@TextPtrValue=** ] textptr_value
    Is the in-row text pointer that to be invalidated. textptr_value is varbinary(16), with a default of NULL. If NULL, sp_invalidate_textptr invalidates all in-row text pointers in the transaction.

Return Code Values

0 (success) or 1 (failure)


SQL Server 2005 allows for a maximum of 1,024 active valid in-row text pointers per transaction per database; however, a transaction spanning more than one database can have 1,024 in-row text pointers in each database. sp_invalidate_textptr can be used to invalidate in-row text pointers and, therefore, free space for additional in-row text pointers.

For more information about the text in row option, see sp_tableoption (Transact-SQL).


Requires membership in the public role.

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