Variables Methods

Public Methods

(see also Protected Methods )

  Name Description
ms213234.pubmethod(en-US,SQL.90).gif Add
Adds a Variable object to the Variables collection.
ms213234.pubmethod(en-US,SQL.90).gif Contains
Returns a Boolean that indicates whether the items in the collection can be accessed by using indexing without throwing an exception.
ms213234.pubmethod(en-US,SQL.90).gif CopyTo  (inherited from DTSReadOnlyCollectionBase )
ms213234.pubmethod(en-US,SQL.90).gif Equals  Overloaded. (inherited from Object )
ms213234.pubmethod(en-US,SQL.90).gif GetEnumerator
Returns a VariableEnumerator enumerator for use in iterating over the Variables collection.
ms213234.pubmethod(en-US,SQL.90).gif GetHashCode  (inherited from Object )
ms213234.pubmethod(en-US,SQL.90).gif GetType  (inherited from Object )
ms213234.pubmethod(en-US,SQL.90).gifms213234.static(en-US,SQL.90).gif ReferenceEquals  (inherited from Object )
ms213234.pubmethod(en-US,SQL.90).gif Remove
Removes a Variable object from the Variables collection.
ms213234.pubmethod(en-US,SQL.90).gif ToString  (inherited from Object )
ms213234.pubmethod(en-US,SQL.90).gif Unlock
Releases the locks on the variables collection and flags the state of the variables collection as invalid or unknown.

Protected Methods

  Name Description
ms213234.protmethod(en-US,SQL.90).gif CreateManagedObject  (inherited from DTSReadOnlyCollectionBase )
ms213234.protmethod(en-US,SQL.90).gif Finalize  (inherited from Object )
ms213234.protmethod(en-US,SQL.90).gif GetCount  (inherited from DTSReadOnlyCollectionBase )
ms213234.protmethod(en-US,SQL.90).gif GetManagedEnumerator  (inherited from DTSReadOnlyCollectionBase )
ms213234.protmethod(en-US,SQL.90).gif MemberwiseClone  (inherited from Object )

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