How Do I Browse by Job Role (Reporting Services)

Reporting Services has documentation for information workers, analysts, administrators, and developers. Use these topics as a quick start into the documentation for your job role.

In This Section

  • Reporting Services Architect InfoCenter
    Architects evaluate and recommend products and technologies that balance user requirements, business needs, and the requirements of the computing environment. For products like Reporting Services that support multiple tools and approaches for reporting on business data, an architect will need to make recommendations about which tools to use, which deployment modes and topologies to implement, and whether the off-the-shelf features need to be supplemented or replaced with custom components.

  • Reporting Services Information Worker InfoCenter
    Information workers create reports for personal use and perhaps for other people in an organization. The topics here will help you get started using Reporting Services tools to build reports.

  • Reporting Services Analyst InfoCenter
    Analysts create reports and data models for personal use and for other people in an organization. The topics here will help you start building report models and using the business intelligence tools.

  • Reporting Services Administrator InfoCenter
    A report server administrator installs, configures, secures, and maintains a report server deployment. The topics here include configuration checklists, script samples, and installation instructions.

  • Reporting Services Developer InfoCenter
    Reporting Services provides the developer several programming interfaces that can be used to extend the functionality of Reporting Services. The topics here provide a quick reference to key development documentation.

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