Message Type Properties (General Page)

Displays the properties of the selected Service Broker message type. Message types define the set of valid message formats associated with a conversation. This page is accessed by right-clicking an existing message type in Object Explorer and clicking Properties.


  • Name
    The name of the message type. The name must be unique within the database.

  • Owner
    The database principal that owns the message type and was specified in the AUTHORIZATION clause of CREATE MESSAGE TYPE.

  • Message type validation
    Specifies the level of validation Service Broker applies to messages that have this type:

    • NONE
      Specifies that no validation is performed. The message body can contain data or be NULL.

    • EMPTY
      Specifies that the message body must be NULL.

      Specifies that the message body must contain well-formed XML.

      Specifies that the message body must be an XML document that complies with one of the schemas in the specified validation XML schema collection.

  • XML schema collection
    The collection of XML schemas used to validate messages of this type. The collection must exist in a SQL Server database. If the message type validation specified XML Schema, all messages that have this type must comply with one of the XML schemas in the collection.

  • XML schema collection database schema
    Name of the database schema that contains the collection of validation XML schemas.