sp_fulltext_load_thesaurus_file (Transact-SQL)

Causes the server instance to parse and load the data from the thesaurus file that corresponds to the language whose LCID is specified. This stored procedure is useful after updating a thesaurus file. Executing sp_fulltext_load_thesaurus_file causes recompilation of full-text queries that use the thesaurus of the specified LCID.

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sys.sp_fulltext_load_thesaurus_filelcid [ , @loadOnlyIfNotLoaded  = action ] 


  • lcid
    Integer mapping the locale identifier (LCID) of the language for which you want to lade the thesaurus XML definition. To obtain the LCIDs of languages that are available on a server instance, use the sys.fulltext_languages (Transact-SQL) catalog view.

  • **@loadOnlyIfNotLoaded** = action
    Specifies whether the thesaurus file is loaded into the internal thesaurus tables even if it has already been loaded. action is one of:




    Load the thesaurus file regardless of whether it is already loaded. This is the default behavior of sp_fulltext_load_thesaurus_file.


    Load the thesaurus file only if it is not yet loaded.

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Thesaurus files are automatically loaded by full-text queries that use the thesaurus. To avoid this first-time performance impact on full-text queries, we recommend that you execute sp_fulltext_load_thesaurus_file.

Use sp_fulltext_service 'update_languages' to update the list of languages registered with full-text search.


Only members of the sysadmin fixed server role or the system administrator can execute the sp_fulltext_load_thesaurus_file stored procedure.

Only system administrators can update, modify, or delete thesaurus files.


A. Load a thesaurus file even if it is already loaded

The following example parses and loads the English thesaurus file.

EXEC sys.sp_fulltext_load_thesaurus_file 1033;

B. Load a thesaurus file only if it is not yet loaded

The following example parses and loads the Arabic thesaurus file, unless it is already loaded.

EXEC sys.sp_fulltext_load_thesaurus_file 1025, @loadOnlyIfNotLoaded = 1;