ReportExecutionService.ExecutionHeaderValue Property

Provides SOAP header information, including the ExecutionID used when working with report executions.

Namespace:  ReportExecution2005
Assembly:  ReportExecution2005 (in ReportExecution2005.dll)


Public Property ExecutionHeaderValue As ExecutionHeader
Dim instance As ReportExecutionService
Dim value As ExecutionHeader

value = instance.ExecutionHeaderValue

instance.ExecutionHeaderValue = value
public ExecutionHeader ExecutionHeaderValue { get; set; }
property ExecutionHeader^ ExecutionHeaderValue {
    ExecutionHeader^ get ();
    void set (ExecutionHeader^ value);
member ExecutionHeaderValue : ExecutionHeader with get, set
function get ExecutionHeaderValue () : ExecutionHeader
function set ExecutionHeaderValue (value : ExecutionHeader)

Property Value

Type: ReportExecution2005.ExecutionHeader
An ExecutionHeader object containing state information about the report server session.


You can use the ExecutionId property of the P:ReportExecution2005.ReportExecutionService.ExecutionHeaderValue class with the GetExecutionInfo method to get state information about an execution. The ExecutionId property is populated when you call the LoadReportDefinition or LoadReport methods. You can use the ExecutionID value to access multiple executions from your application.