PowerPivot Server Components

This section describes the server components in Microsoft SQL Server PowerPivot for SharePoint that enable Analysis Services to run as a distributed server application on a SharePoint farm. A new SharePoint service architecture enables you to scale PowerPivot query processing across multiple application servers, and manage them all from within Central Administration.

Components in the Farm

  • PowerPivot System Service
    The PowerPivot Service coordinates client requests for PowerPivot data. It also monitors and maintains status of the server instances in the farm, participates in usage data collection and data refresh, and allocates processing requests among the available servers. It is tightly coupled with the Analysis Services service instance that is always installed with it on the same application server. To use a PowerPivot service, you must have a service application. For more information, see PowerPivot Service Application.

  • Analysis Services in SharePoint integrated mode (PowerPivot for SharePoint)
    Analysis Services service runs on application servers and performs data and query processing for PowerPivot workbooks published to SharePoint.

  • PowerPivot Web Service (PowerPivot for SharePoint)
    PowerPivot Web service listens for client HTTP requests for PowerPivot query processing on the Web front end, and redirects data connection requests to a PowerPivot service in the farm.