Map Meridian Properties Dialog Box, Labels

Use the MapMeridian Properties dialog box to change label options for the vertical grid in the map viewport. A meridian represents the following value depending on the specified coordinate system for the viewport:

  • Planar. The Y coordinate.

  • Geographic. The longitude for the current projection.

Click the Expression (fx) button to edit an expression that sets the value of the option.


  • Interval
    Type an integer value in degrees that specifies the interval between meridians. By default, Auto is selected. Auto indicates that value is automatically determined by spatial data.

  • Show labels
    Select this option to display labels for the meridians.

  • Placement
    Select a location to display the labels relative to the top, center, and bottom of the viewport. The default placement is Near.

    • Near   Display labels at the left edge.

    • One Quarter   Display labels half way between the left edge and the center.

    • Center   Display labels at the center.

    • Three Quarters   Display labels half way between the center and the right edge.

    • Far   Display labels at the right edge.