Map Layer Data Properties Dialog Box, Analytical Data

Use Analytical Data to specify the relationship between spatial data and analytical data for a layer. Choose one or more fields that bind the analytical data to the spatial data on the layer. The fields that you specify are called match fields for the layer. Specify as many match fields as necessary to uniquely match the analytical data with the spatial data. For example, city names must typically be combined with a region name to uniquely specify the city.


  • Analytical dataset name
    Type the name of a dataset. The dataset must contain a field that can be used to build a relationship to the spatial data for this layer.

    For example, for a point layer that displays store locations and sales data, the spatial data source must provide store location [Location] as spatial data and store name [Store], and the report dataset must provide store name [StoreName] and sales data [Sales]. For match fields, the spatial field is [Store] and the analytical dataset field is [StoreName].

  • Fields to match on
    Specify pairs of fields that relate spatial data with analytical data.

  • Add
    Add a row.

  • Delete
    Delete a row.

  • Up arrow
    Move the selected row higher in the list.

  • Down arrow
    Move the selected row lower in the list.

  • From spatial dataset
    Type the name of the field from the spatial data to use as a match field. This name comes from the source of spatial data.

  • From analytical dataset
    Type the name of the field from the analytical data to use as a match field. This name is a field from an existing report dataset.