Map Tile Layer Properties Dialog Box, General

Select General on the Map Tile Layer Properties dialog box to change display options. Unlike polygon, line, and point layers, you do not specify the spatial data for a tile layer. Tiles are automatically retrieved from Bing Maps Web Services when the following conditions are true:

  • The viewport coordinate system is Geographic.

  • The projection is Mercator.

  • When you are viewing a report from a report server, the report server has been configured to support a Bing map tile background for a map.

  • When you are in local preview, you have internet access and Bing Maps Web Services is available.

Specify these options on the Map Viewport Properties Dialog Box, General dialog box.


  • Name
    The name of the layer in the report. By default, a general name is assigned, based on the spatial data type for the layer, such as TileLayer1.

  • Tile system
    Select a value or type an expression that specifies the display style for the tile layer.

    • Road   Display roads and text in a style similar to a road map.

    • Aerial   Display the aerial view from high above the surface of the earth.

    • Hybrid   Display the combination of Road and Aerial views.