Collections (Master Data Services)

A collection is a group of explicit hierarchy and collection members. Use collections when you do not need a complete hierarchy and you want to view different groupings of your members for reporting or analysis. You do not have to create a new hierarchical structure; you can select nodes from existing hierarchies to include in your collection.

Like explicit hierarchies, collections do not limit the number or type of members you can include, as long as they are within the same entity. A collection can contain leaf and consolidated members from multiple mandatory and non-mandatory explicit hierarchies.

A collection can also contain other collections. You can use collections of collections to create taxonomies.

Before you can create a collection, the entity must be enabled for explicit hierarchies.

When you create a collection you are automatically listed as the owner. You can create other attributes for your collection as needed.


In the following example, a collection includes nodes from two separate explicit hierarchies.

Collection example