Master Data Manager (UI Reference)

With the Master Data ManagerĀ application, you can maintain an accurate picture of your company's master data over time. Changes to your business can be accurately reflected in multiple hierarchies, all of which you can easily update as business needs change. In addition, you can save versions of your data and its structure while you allow users to continue to work with the latest information.

With Master Data Manager you get:

  • A single, accurate source for managing your company's master data.

  • Granular, secure access to master data with Active Directory integration.

  • Flexible data modeling, allowing you to define a model that is specific to your organization and flexible as business needs change.

  • Business rules to enforce data quality.

  • Notification e-mails to notify selected users or groups when data fails business rule validation.

  • Data versioning to take historical snapshots of your data and model.

  • Hierarchy management that supports both level-based and ragged parent child hierarchies.

  • Package creation, which you use to move models, business rules, and data from test systems into production.

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