PowerPivot Timer Jobs in a SharePoint Farm

Timer jobs are run by the SharePoint 2010 Timer service that runs on every computer that is a member of the SharePoint farm. SharePoint 2010 uses timer jobs to push changes in farm composition or configuration to all the servers in the farm. PowerPivot for SharePoint adds its own timer jobs to collect data, synchronize solution versions, gather health statistics, and start data refresh jobs.

The following table describes the timer jobs that are deployed to a SharePoint farm when you install SQL Server PowerPivot for SharePoint.

Timer job

Default schedule


PowerPivot Data Refresh Timer Job

Every minute

This timer job calls the PowerPivot System Service to read predefined schedules in the PowerPivot application database. When a schedule is found, the PowerPivot Data Refresh timer job hands the request to a PowerPivot service application that is associated with the PowerPivot workbook that is being refreshed.

PowerPivot Health Statistics Collector Timer Job

Every 15 minutes

This timer job triggers PowerPivot System Service to gather data about CPU and memory usage for all PowerPivot for SharePoint servers in the farm. This data is added to the dashboard reporting database and appears in reports in the PowerPivot Management dashboard.

PowerPivot Management Dashboard Timer Job


This timer job updates the reporting database that provides data to the PowerPivot Management Dashboard. It gets updated information that is managed by SharePoint, including server names, user names, application names, and file names that appear in dashboard reports or web parts.

PowerPivot Setup Extension Timer Job


This timer job verifies that all installed PowerPivot components are the same product version or patch level.