ModelPrivilege Class

Represents object-level privilege to the MDS.

Inheritance Hierarchy


Namespace:  Microsoft.MasterDataServices.Services.DataContracts
Assembly:  Microsoft.MasterDataServices.Services (in Microsoft.MasterDataServices.Services.dll)


<DataContractAttribute(Name := "ModelPrivilege", Namespace := "")> _
Public NotInheritable Class ModelPrivilege
Dim instance As ModelPrivilege
[DataContractAttribute(Name = "ModelPrivilege", Namespace = "")]
public sealed class ModelPrivilege
[DataContractAttribute(Name = L"ModelPrivilege", Namespace = L"")]
public ref class ModelPrivilege sealed
[<DataContractAttribute(Name = "ModelPrivilege", Namespace = "")>]
type ModelPrivilege =  class end
public final class ModelPrivilege

The ModelPrivilege type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public method ModelPrivilege Initializes a new instance of the ModelPrivilege class.



  Name Description
Public property AuditInfo Gets or sets an AuditInfo complex type.
Public property Identifier Gets or sets an Identifier complex type.
Public property IsModelAdministrator Gets or sets a value indicating whether the user’s effective permission for the model is model administrator.
Public property ModelId Gets or sets the Model to be privileged Identifier complex type.
Public property ObjectId Gets or sets an Identifier complex type.
Public property ObjectType Gets or sets a ModelObjectTypes simple type.
Public property Permission Gets or sets a Permission simple type.
Public property PrincipalId Gets or sets an Identifier complex type.
Public property PrincipalType Gets or sets a PrincipalType simple type.



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Thread Safety

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