Transactions (Master Data Services)

Each time action is taken on a member, the action is saved as a transaction. Transactions are recorded when members:

  • are created

  • are deleted or reactivated

  • are moved in a hierarchy

  • are annotated

  • have attribute values changed

Transactions can be viewed and reversed. Transactions show the date, time, and user who took the action, along with other details. You can export transactions to Microsoft Office Excel, filter lists of transactions, and annotate transactions.

In the Explorer functional area, you can view and reverse the transactions that you made yourself.

In the Version Management functional area, administrators can view all transactions for all users for the models they have access to.

Transactions System Settings

There is a setting in Master Data Services Configuration Manager that affects whether or not transactions are recorded when records are staged. You can adjust this setting in Master Data Services Configuration Manager or directly in the System Settings table in the Master Data Services database. For more information, see System Settings (Master Data Services).