Administering Full-Text Search

Full-text administration for a server instance includes:

  • System management tasks such as managing the FDHOST Launcher service (MSSQLFDLauncher), restarting filter daemon host process if you change the service account credentials, configuring server-wide full-text properties, and backing up full-text catalogs. At the server level, for example, you can specify a default full-text language that differs from the default language of the server instance as a whole. For more information, see Managing Full-Text Search for a Server Instance,

  • Configuring full-text linguistic components (word breakers and stemmers, thesaurus file, and stopwords and stoplists). For more information, see Configuring Full-Text Linguistic Components.

  • Configuring a user database for full-text search. This involves creating one or more full-text catalogs for the database and defining a full-text index on each table or indexed view on which you want to execute full-text queries. For more information, see Configuring Full-Text Catalogs and Indexes for a Database.