Report Definition Language XML Schema

A SQL Server Reporting Services Report Definition Language (RDL) file is validated by using an XML Schema Definition (XSD) file. The schema defines the rules for where RDL elements can occur in an .rdl file. An element includes its data type and cardinality, that is, the number of occurrences that are allowed. An element can be simple or complex. A simple element does not have child elements or attributes. A complex element does have children and optionally, attributes.

For example, the schema includes the RDL element ReportParameters, which is the complex type ReportParametersType. By convention, a complex type for an element is the name of the element follow by the word Type. A ReportParameters element can be contained by the Report element (a complex type), and can contain ReportParameter elements. A ReportParameterType is a simple type that can only be one of the following values: Boolean, DateTime, Integer, Float, or String. For more information about data types used in RDL, see Report Definition Language Data Types.

For more information about XML Schema datatypes, see XML Schema Part 2: Datatypes Second Edition. For more information about specific report definition schemas, see Report Definition Language Specification.


The RDL XSD is available in the ReportDefinition.xsd file, located in the Extras folder on the product CD-ROM. It is also available on the report server through the following URL: http://servername/reportserver/reportdefinition.xsd.