System Administrator Role

The System Administrator role is a predefined role that includes tasks that are useful for a report server administrator who has overall responsibility for a report server, but not necessarily for the content within it.

To create a role assignment that includes this role, use the Site Settings page in Report Manager or use the right-click commands on the report server node in Management Studio.

The System Administrator role does not convey the same full range of permissions that a local administrator might have on a computer. Rather, the System Administrator role includes operations that are performed at the site level, and not the item level. For users who require access to both site-wide operations and items stored on the report server, create a second role assignment on the Home folder that includes the Content Manager role. Together, the two role definitions provide a complete set of tasks for users who require full access to all items on a report server.

System Administrator Tasks

The following table lists tasks that are included in the System Administrator role.



Execute report definitions

Start execution for report definition without publishing it to a report server.

Manage jobs

View and cancel jobs that are running. For more information, see Managing a Running Process.

Manage report server properties

View and modify properties that apply to the report server and to items that the report server manages.

This task supports renaming Report Manager, enabling My Reports, and setting report history defaults.

Manage roles

Create, view, and modify, and delete role definitions.

Members of the System Administrator role can use the Site Settings page to manage roles.

Manage shared schedules

Create, view, modify, and delete shared schedules that are used to run or refresh reports.

Manage report server security

View and modify system-wide role assignments

The System Administrator role is used in default security. For more information, see Using Predefined Roles.