SQL Server End-to-End Samples

SQL Server integrated samples show how to use several technologies together. These samples focus on solutions instead of technologies. They tend to be larger, with more sophisticated user interfaces. The following table describes the integrated samples that you can download from CodePlex.


Samples are provided for educational purposes only. They are not intended to be used in a production environment and have not been tested in a production environment. does not provide technical support for these samples. Sample applications and assemblies should not be connected to or used with your production database or your report server without the permission of the system administrator.




An Internet e-commerce sample application that uses Transact-SQL, common language runtime integration, Business Intelligence, query notifications, and XML.


A resume processing sample application that uses Transact-SQL, full-text search, and XML.


A sample application that displays changes to a database as they happen, without polling the database. This sample is used in conjunction with the Storefront sample, and uses Transact-SQL and query notifications.


An example application that stores, visualizes, and manipulates tri-dimensional wireframe models by using SQL Server and .NET Framework.