Lesson 1: Basic Navigation in SQL Server Management Studio

Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio is a powerful and flexible tool. However, users new to Microsoft Visual Studio sometimes have trouble finding the quickest way to access the right feature. This lesson shows you how the windows work together to present a design surface that makes your work easier. At the end of this lesson, you will know how to clear unwanted windows out of your way, how to quickly bring up windows with the information you need, and how to configure the default surface to support the work you do most often.

This lesson contains the following topics:

  • Starting SQL Server Management Studio

  • Connecting with Registered Servers and Object Explorer

  • Changing the Environment Layout

  • Displaying the Document Window

  • Showing the Object Explorer Details page

  • Selecting the Keyboard Shortcut Scheme

  • Setting the Startup Options

  • Restoring the Default SQL Server Management Studio Configuration

  • Summary