Lesson 5: Running the RDL Generator Application (VB/C#)

Visual Studio offers several methods to build and run a console application from the IDE, such as:

  • Start (with Debugging)

  • Start without Debugging

To build and run the RDLGenerator Sample

  1. From the Debug menu, click Start Without Debugging. This ensures that the console window remains open after the program has finished executing.

    The application prints the following output to the console:

    RDL file generated successfully.


    In Visual Basic, you may receive a compiler error that states that 'Sub Main' was not found in SampleRDLGenerator.SampleRDLGenerator.Module1. If you receive this error, double-click the error message in the Task list. The Startup Object dialog appears. Select SampleRDLGenerator.SampleRDLGenerator.RdlGenerator and click OK. Rebuild the project.

  2. Press any key to close SampleRdlGenerator.


    Any errors that occur are written to the console.

  3. A file named Report1.rdl is written to the directory from which the console application is run.