Source Control Benefits

Placing your files under source control makes it possible to:

  • Manage the process by which the control of items passes from one person to another. Source control providers support both shared and exclusive file access. If access to project files is exclusive, the source control provider allows only one user at a time to check files out and modify them. If access is shared, more than one user can check out the script file, and the source control provider provides a mechanism for merging the versions as they are checked in.

  • Archive successive versions of source-controlled items. A source control provider stores the data that distinguishes one version of a source-controlled item from another. Consequently, you can retrieve any version of a source-controlled item. You can also designate any version to be the latest version of that item.

  • Maintain detailed historical and version information on source-controlled items. Source control stores the date and time on which the item was created, when it was checked out or checked in, and the user who performed the action.

  • Collaborate across projects. File sharing makes it possible for multiple projects to share source-controlled items. Changes to a shared item are reflected in all the projects that share the item.

  • Automate frequently repeated source control operations. A source control provider may define an interface from the command prompt that supports the key features of source control. You can use this interface in batch files to automate the source control tasks that you perform regularly.

  • Recover from accidental deletions. You can restore the latest file version checked into source control.

  • Conserve disk space on both the source control client and server. Some source control providers, such as Microsoft Visual SourceSafe, support disk space conservation on the server by storing the latest version of a file and the differences between each version and the version that precedes or follows it. On the client, Visual SourceSafe supports disk space conservation. You can cloak folders and files so that they are not downloaded to your local disk.

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