Requiring Specific Security Packages

By default, Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services is configured to accept all Security Support Provider (SSP) security packages that the Microsoft Windows operating system supports for authenticating clients. See SSP Packages Provided by Microsoft for specific details about the standard security packages supported by the different versions of Windows operating systems; as an example, Microsoft Windows NT and Microsoft Windows 2000 include the NTLM security package. Starting with Windows 2000, Microsoft also provides the Microsoft Kerberos protocol security package. Additionally, you may choose to install the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) security package, or any other Security Support Provider Interface (SSPI) -compatible SSP. For a better understanding of SSP security packages, see SSPI and The Security Support Provider Interface

You can restrict the security packages that Analysis Services accepts to increase the security of your instance of Analysis Services. For example, you could limit the security packages that Analysis Services accepts to the Microsoft Kerberos protocol security package, for increased security.

Specifying Specific Security Packages

To configure Analysis Services to only accept specific security packages, add these specific security packages to the Security \ SecurityPackageList server configuration property. By default, no security package is specified, which means that all security packages are accepted. To access this property, right-click the instance of Analysis Services, click Properties, and then locate this property on the Security page.